As my WAHM (Work-at-Home Mom) journey has recently taken a different path, please be advised that Dainty Ashley will be resting momentarily from crafting dainty heartmade accessories for your little ones. We hope to be back in time.

Meanwhile, our e-commerce shop and Facebook page will remain open until all our on-hand items are sold. So take advantage of our Closing Down Sale as all items in the shop are repriced, mostly lowballing already. We'll also be destashing our hair bow making and other craft materials, and bazaar and on-site party decors and equipment. So I invite my fellow hair bow and baby accessories makers to check out the shop as well.

As we're in the mood of spring-cleaning the house, we've also included my kids' preloved books to the shop. You might find something that will be interesting to your little ones.

Happy Closing Down Sale shopping!!!

Check out our shop regularly as we add more items (especially hair bow making and craft materials) from time to time.

-- Mommy Mai :)

PS: I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all our online buyers, bazaar shoppers, all the dainty babies that I've crafted for who modeled our craft with so much delight and cuteness, on-site party clients who made us part of their momentous events, local and foreign suppliers, local magazine editors who have featured Dainty Ashley items, fellow Mompreneurs we've met in various events online and offline, and fellow hair bow makers some of whom have become my friends. Huge appreciation goes as well to all our followers and likers on Facebook and Instagram. I'm deeply humbled and it was my pleasure to have crafted "heartmade" dainty goodies for your little ones.

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We're closing down so all dainty stuff must go! Everything's on sale!